Reconstruction de surfaces paramétrées par LP-Fitting


Computer graphics is a well studied domain nowadays and digital geometry processing is one of its sub domain we are talking about. We can modeling objects by cloud of points, meshes, ou any particular surfaces such as parametric surfaces. Our work is to show the entire process of reconstruction from the mesh to a set of parametric surfaces. This process involves many techniques such as mesh segmentation, parameterization, or fitting. We show a quad-meshing technique, based on a new well defined framework. M-tiles and M-tiling can produce any information needed by the segmentation, when we apply any cutting/ tiling techniques on the mesh. The fitting algorithm is new, using uniform norm instead of the euclidian norm, that let us using a linear program given to a solver. Stitching equations between all parametric surfaces are included in the program, and studied with all kind of regularizing parameters.

PhD Thesis Thibault Marzais (FR) Reconstruction de surfaces paramétrées par LP-Fitting Download thesis (FR)